Refund Policy

Xtraxtor is the renowned company which believe in happy and pleased customers. So, unlike other software vendors provide customer money back guarantee policy on our all range of software product. The satisfaction of customer is our reward, so the goal of our organization is to keep our customer satisfied in each and every possible way.

We advise our customers to first go for FREE DEMO VERSION FIRST of the software before buying it to assess the performance of the software. You can directly download trial version of the program from our site. Different types of error can occur suddenly due to number of reasons which can cause corruption.

The demo edition will help you to determine the level to which our software is useful to you. If there is a different between outputs of Demo and Full version, only then this situation is further intensified toward the refund consideration process.


Refund could be application in the situation when the DEMO version of our software showcase a feature and the Full-Licensed version fail to do that

Before the refund, you must discuss with our technical support team to first try and resolve the problem in every possible way.

Refund Guidelines

Clients who purchases any Xtraxtor Software through any our website or authorised reseller has complete right for refund of Xtraxtor software before 30 days from the purchase date but, the reason should be related to the following guidelines

  • Purchase must be done directly from the Xtraxtor site or Authorized re-seller of Xtraxtor Software.
  • Any misinterpretation by with the published material as promotion of the software by Xtraxtor, this client's responsibility to clear or get the exact interpretation from our support team
  • A solution will provided if full licensed version of any software usually works but not completely.
  • You are free to contact to our support team, if software purchased fails to perform operations which were promised. After studying and analysing all the issues by our technical expertise, a solution will be given and then also, if the issue is not resolved we will refund you the money, you invested while purchasing and also the amount will only be resolute as per the issue and task solved by the software
  • Following conditions must be true for refund

  • If the Client has the ability to perform the operation as stated with demo version but in the Full Version that functionality does not exists.
  • If the Xtraxtor Support Team fails to help the client in resolving the issue.
  • We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for

    Refund is not accessible in the following case